Waze lets you plan trips on the web and save them to your phone

It will send push notifications so you know when to leave the house.


Planning a trip on Waze just got a little easier. You can now plan a drive in your web browser of choice using the Live Map and then save it to your mobile app by clicking the “Save to app” button.

When you set your preferred time of arrival, Waze will tell you when to leave the house in order to get there on time. The app will even send you push notifications based on real-time traffic data, so if traffic starts slowing down, it will encourage you to hit the road earlier.

Waze users can now view their saved locations on the web and select them when searching for an origin or destination, so you won’t have to enter your home address for every trip. The new features are available on both iOS and Android devices.

These are relatively minor, but definitely helpful, changes. The ability to save trips across the web and apps is also available on Google Maps, so you could argue that the two are getting closer in terms of the features they offer. Though, as we learned last week, Google Maps is using DeepMind AI to improve its ETAs with traffic predictions. As far as we know, Waze doesn’t pack that level of AI tech.