Weber brings wireless smarts to its gas grills

Four upcoming grills include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and an LED display.


Weber has built smart features into several upcoming gas grills. The Genesis EX-315, EX-335 and SX-335 and the Spirit SX-315 incorporate the Weber Connect platform, which aims to make grilling easy. Until now, the platform has only been available on the company's smart grilling hub and pellet grills.

The latest models can monitor temperatures and let you know when it's time to flip or serve your food via an app. Guided recipes can take you through the entire process step-by-step to help you achieve the perfect cook.

The grills have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can monitor how things are going while you're away from the grill. If you'd rather not be checking your phone, you can use the built-in LED display and the grill's audible notifications. You can keep an eye on how much fuel is left in the tank via the app or on the grill.

The three Genesis smart gas grills, including the EX-315 ($999), feature LED lighting, 669 square inches of grill space, three high-heat burners and a folding warming rack. The EX-335 ($1,199) and SX-335 ($1,299) have a side burner, and the latter has a stainless steel lid rather than a porcelain-enameled one. The smaller Spirit SX-315 ($799) has 529 square inches of grill space. You'll be able to buy these grills in the spring.

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