Webex's seamless CarPlay support means you can never escape your meetings

Work can follow you to the car, whether you want it or not.


Have you ever wished you could keep a work meeting going as you leave for home? No? Too bad, you're getting that option regardless. Cisco has introduced seamless transition features that 'help' you continue Webex meetings on your iPhone and through CarPlay. Move to Mobile lets you move a call from the desktop to your iPhone by scanning a QR code, while CarPlay can now continue a meeting the moment you plug your iPhone into your ride.

An update due in August will give you the option to listen to historical Webex recordings. You can catch up on a meeting you missed while you're stuck in traffic, in other words. No matter what meeting you're listening to, you'll see your schedule after the call is over. You can join a meeting directly from CarPlay if you're running late.

There are practical advantages to these updates. If you're a remote worker, you can run errands instead of being locked to your computer. And if you're back to working in the office, you can still leave early when the team holds a last-minute chat. Still, it's difficult to imagine many people getting excited about seamless Webex calls. After all, there's a good chance you consider your car a refuge — you probably don't want work following you on the road.