Microsoft Teams is getting CarPlay support for calls

You'll soon be able to hand off calls between your phone and computer.


Microsoft has revealed a number of features it’s bringing to Teams calls. It will soon offer CarPlay support, so you can place and answer Teams calls using Siri while you're on the road. Microsoft didn't say whether it would add a similar function for Android Auto or Alexa-enabled cars.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has overhauled the call interface with a streamlined design (which it unveiled at its Ignite conference) that pulls together your contacts, voicemail and call history into a single view. Other features include an option to merge calls, enhanced reverse number lookup (i.e. caller display) and spam call detection.

Teams admins can now change the default storage location for call recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint instead of Microsoft Stream, which could make it easier to share recordings or transcripts. Another useful feature is on the way early next year: you'll be able to transfer calls between your phone and your computer. That, along with the CarPlay support, will come in handy when you need to move to another location while you're on a call. A low-data mode will also arrive in early 2021.

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