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WhatsApp lets you use custom wallpapers for each chat

It also launched improved sticker searches and a new animated WHO sticker pack.


Now that it has launched disappearing messages, WhatsApp is trying to make regular ones more memorable. It has not only launched a selection of new wallpapers and stickers, but made it possible to customize chats for groups and individuals. The latter feature lets you choose a specific wallpaper for each chat or individual contact, creating the mood you want and helping you remember who you’re talking too.

The Facebook-owned chat app improved the wallpaper selection by adding new colors for the default “doodle” wallpapers. It also introduced “new, diverse and iconic images of nature and architecture” from around the world to better reflect its 2 billion strong global user base. Finally, it introduced new graphic designs in both bright and dark albums.

If you like Stickers, WhatsApp made them easier to find by letting you search with text or emoji, or browse by category. It’s encouraging stickers creators to make this process easier by tagging them with emoji and text. WhatsApp also introduced an animated version of its popular World Health Organization (WHO) “Together at Home” sticker pack. The new features will start rolling out this week.