WhatsApp users can now shop for items by category using 'Collections'

The new feature lets customers avoid scrolling through long lists.


Facebook, ever on the search for ways to monetize its apps, recently introduced Catalogs and a basic cart to WhatsApp so users could shop directly from their chats. Now, the company is refining that process with the addition of Collections, essentially categorized lists that make it easier for WhatsApp users to find products.

With the new feature, businesses can now "organize items in their catalogs by category so customers no longer have to scroll through long lists of items to find what they’re looking for," WhatsApp said. From a user perspective, you'll now see categories for "men’s clothes, women’s clothes, shirts, pants" and more rather than just a list of products. As before, you can access a company's catalog through a sent link or shopping button in their header.

WhatsApp noted that the app has become more popular for shopping in Brazil and India since COVID-19 started. Facebook and WhatsApp have a mixed record in developing countries, however — Brazil, for example, suspended WhatsApp's fledgling mobile payment system late last year.

The new feature is now live in time for the holiday season. Businesses interested in using it can learn how to do it using the video supplied by WhatsApp, above.