WhatsApp makes it easier to send messages to unsaved numbers

The update is rolling out to all WhatsApp users.

Messaging new people on WhatsApp is about to get a lot simpler. A new update is rolling out that lets you reach out to whoever you want without first having to save their information, WABetaInfo reported. That's right, no more contacts saved with "Lisa library" or "Paul apartment on South 4th" for people you communicate with over WhatsApp once and never speak to again.

You can try out this new feature much in the same way you would start any message. Click on the new message button on your home screen (top right for Apple devices, bottom right for Android ones) and then type the number into the search bar. The number will appear under the category "Not in your contacts." To the right of the person's number and profile photo is the option to click "chat," which brings you right into a conversation with them.

Until now, the only exceptions have included starting a conversation via a web link or responding to unsaved numbers in group chats. But, this still required you to enter a chat through a QR code or an invite from somebody you already know. WhatsApp's latest update is rolling out to all users, so you should be able to use the new feature soon.