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Businesses on WhatsApp can share their info with QR codes

WhatsApp QR codes let you slide into a business' DMs.


Businesses on WhatsApp can now take advantage of the app’s QR code feature to make it easier for customers to message them. A week after introducing a similar feature for WhatsApp users looking to share contact information, the app is making QR codes available to businesses as well.

Previously, users wishing to contact a restaurant or shop on WhatsApp had to manually add the business’ phone number to their contacts list. But with the new feature, establishments using WhatsApp Business — there are 50 million, according to the company —can allow prospective costumes to message them simply by scanning a QR code. Businesses further have the option of customizing the initial message that appears once their QR code is scanned. That could be a greeting with information like business hours, or a link to their menu or product catalog.

Speaking of catalogs, WhatsApp is also making it easier for businesses to share their catalogs via the messaging app. Catalogs, which can function as a lightweight alternative to an official website, can now be shared via links, so they are viewable outside of WhatsApp’s app.

Both new features are available now via the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API.