Windows 95 turned 25 today

And introduced the Start menu.

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Richard Lawler
August 24, 2020 8:49 PM
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (L) looks on  as The Tonight Show's Jay Leno co-hosts the official launch of Windows '95 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington August 24
Jeff Vinnick / reuters

That’s right, 25 years ago Microsoft officially released Windows 95, an operating system that was far more consumer-focused and internet ready than its predecessors. It also licensed a Rolling Stones song to commemorate its new innovation, the Start menu. Instead of watching a goofy video of execs stumbling around to the music, though, Microsoft would probably rather see you mark the event with this quick clip showing the evolution of Windows over the years.

Features like Internet Explorer would arrive in the Plus! expansion pack, while Windows 98 pushed the bar even further when it came to being ready for your online life and new connectors like USB. Of course its Start menu isn’t the only decision that persists to this day — it’s possible the name itself is why the company is on Windows 10 instead of Windows 9 right now.

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