Witchy narrative adventure ‘The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood’ hits PC and Switch on August 16th

Play as a sorceress exiled on a remote asteroid, armed with a magical tarot deck.

Deconstructeam / Devolver Digital

Deconstructeam announced today that its upcoming divination-based game, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, arrives on August 16th. The player-choice-driven narrative adventure will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. In addition, a new launch trailer gives us a closer glimpse at the title’s tarot deck building and weighty decision-making.

In The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, you assume the role of Fortuna, a witch imprisoned for 1,000 years on a remote asteroid after foretelling an unwelcome prediction of doom. (You join her 200 years into her sentence, although the game includes plenty of pre-exile flashbacks.) However, Fortuna’s stay isn’t as lonely as you may expect: She’s accompanied by Ábramar, a god summoned by Fortuna to help her escape and serve cold revenge on the coven. You’ll also receive a surprising number of visitors for someone floating on a space rock in the middle of nowhere.

Following Deconstructeam’s Gods Will Be Watching and The Red Strings Club, its latest entry expands on the studio’s tendencies toward philosophical and narrative experiences in dystopian settings. Much of the gameplay revolves around the narrative forks you choose (primarily through dialog trees) and the building and deployment of tarot decks, presented intricately in vibrant pixel art. You can customize the cards’ backgrounds, symbols and supporting elements, crafting a magical repertoire that feels distinctly yours. (However, you can keep the deck-creation process relatively simple if you prefer a more straightforward playthrough.) “At its core, Cosmic Wheel is a visual novel with narrative paths dictated by the player’s choices,” Jessica Conditt wrote in Engadget’s April preview.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood will cost $18 when it launches on August 16th for Switch and PC. You can pre-order it on Steam and wish-list it on GOG ahead of its arrival. (Nintendo hasn’t yet published its product listing.)

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