This cardboard Wolfenstein 3D setup invites you to punch Nazis remotely

'Smartistein 3D' only needs a smartphone and a few motors to make magic.

Smartistein 3-D (Ryan Atkins)

We’ve seen Wolfenstein — and usually Doom — ported to all kinds of platforms before, but this cardboard version of iD Software’s classic FPS is unique. Through the magic of telepresence, players control a tiny robot that is actually driving through a tiny maze, knocking over cardboard Nazis as they go. If you want to play, all you need to do is point your web browser at this address and wait for the game to go live as scheduled.

The robot itself is just a bit more than a phone case that is also made out of cardboard plus three motors. The entire setup is managed by Ross Atkins, who is promoting the Smartipresence project on Kickstarter. Other than playing realized versions of classic games, it lets loved ones or coworkers drive the camera around on their own while they’re on the other end of your video call.

To play Cardboard Wolfenstein 3D requires having Ross around to pick things up, so it’s only available during certain hours. As-is, it gives an idea of what this cheap platform is capable of when combined with a smartphone and a little imagination. If I’ve done the conversion correctly, then your next opportunity to play comes between 4:30 AM ET Wednesday morning and 2 PM in the afternoon.