'Medium' is a next-gen hotel horror game from the 'Blair Witch' team

Here's the first look at Bloober Team's AAA approach to horror.

Bloober Team

Bloober Team, the spookiest game studio with the silliest name, is on a mission to create AAA horror experiences for the next generation of consoles, and it’s starting with The Medium. The Bloober crew debuted gameplay for its new psychological horror game during today’s Xbox 20/20 stream, where Microsoft dropped a bunch of trailers for titles heading to the Xbox Series X during its launch window this fall.

The Medium is heading to Xbox Series X and PC, and it’s a story about duality and death. It follows Marianne, a medium who exists in the physical and spirit worlds, as she investigates a vision that won’t leave her alone: the murder of a child at a resort. The hotel complex has since been abandoned, but Marianne travels there anyway and uncovers the terrible tragedies of its past.

This is classic Bloober Team fare — crisply animated horror in a mysterious, secret-filled setting. The studio is best known for its Layers of Fear series and last year’s Blair Witch game. For The Medium, though, it’s collaborating with iconic Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka on the soundtrack.

The Medium is part of Bloober’s plan to develop and release a steady stream of high-quality horror games. Now that the studio has found its footing as a terror factory, it plans to have two projects in development at any one time, releasing a new game every two years or so. Each project will have a budget of several million dollars, Bloober said earlier this year.