Microsoft updates Xbox Cloud Gaming to reduce input lag on iOS

The enhancement should improve the gameplay experience on all iPhones and iPads.


Since last June, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service has been broadly available on iOS devices, but for many iPhone and iPad owners, the experience wasn’t up to what the company offered on other platforms. On Monday, however, Microsoft announced it had implemented a series of enhancements that would improve performance on all iPhone and iPad devices. At the time, it didn’t provide details on the work it had done, noting only they would lead to a “smoother and more responsive gameplay experience.”

But following an email from Engadget, Microsoft has shared more details on the update. The company says it optimized video output and network data transmission on iOS devices. It also found a way to reduce overall input lag. Since input lag is something that can easily take you out of a game, the work Microsoft did there should be easily noticeable.

One of the tricky things about Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS is that Microsoft is forced to offer it through Safari, as opposed to a dedicated app, due to Apple’s policies on game streaming apps. Browser APIs have come a long way in the past few years, but a web experience still isn’t a substitute for a native app.