Xbox controllers can now switch TV input back to your console

Handy if you want to watch TV while you wait for a download.

Aaron Souppouris/Engadget

You won't have to reach for a remote the next time you're ready to return to your Xbox after a TV session. Microsoft is rolling out an update that lets you press the Xbox button on your controller to switch the input to your Series X or Series S. You can flip to cable TV during a download knowing that you just have to grab your controller when you're ready to play.

The feature depends on the newer Xbox consoles' support for HDMI-CEC. You can enable it through the "Sleep mode & startup" settings section through the "TV & A/V power options" selection.

The concept isn't completely new, whether in consoles or for HDMI-CEC devices in general Even so, it's difficult to complain when this could save you time wading through TV menus just to get back to Halo Infinite.