Xbox beta testers can try the Xbox One UI redesign starting today

The August update includes some useful features for everyone.


Microsoft is now rolling out the Xbox One August update, which refreshes some aspects of the user interface ahead of a major redesign that’ll unify how the platform looks across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and mobile. Meanwhile, Xbox Insiders (or beta testers) will get their hands on that redesign starting today.

The Guide landing page has a cleaner look, with a revamped layout that should make it easier to navigate between the likes of your dashboard, games and apps. Xbox newcomers will see more hints tailored towards them to help them understand pages in the Guide and how to use them. The Activity Feed is a little different too. There's more of a focus on shared content like screenshots and clips from your friends.

Xbox notifications inbox

A unified notifications inbox pulls all of your alerts, game invites and message notifications (including from the upcoming Xbox mobile app) into a single place. Acting on a notification on one device clears it from your feed everywhere else.

Microsoft combined Parties and Chats into a single tab a couple of months ago, and the update adds a few more features to it. You’ll see previews for messages and have access to volume controls for each individual party member.

Meanwhile, an update for Xbox Insiders (or beta testers) is rolling out this week that grants them access to the full user interface redesign on their console. Among the features you can try are profile themes and changes to how sign-ins work. You’ll be able to sign into as many Xbox consoles or apps as you want at the same time. Your game progress, saves and achievements will be synced across all of them.