Microsoft's Xbox Summer Game Fest features 70 playable demos

The demos will be available until the 27th.


The summer Xbox event Microsoft announced earlier this month is now live, and it’ll give you access to over 70 playable demos from dozens of developers. You’ll be able to access and play demos until July 27th, though the company warns that most of them offer an early look at gameplay, sort of like “show floor demos” — the final versions of the game could offer an entirely different experience.

Similar to Valve’s Steam Game Festival that serves to highlight indie developers, the event gives you the chance to try titles you might ignore otherwise. The games are varied in nature and genre, so there’s something for everyone: there’s one inspired by classic JRPGs (Cris Tales), a skateboarding game with bird characters (Skatebird) and an action—adventure title set in India (Raji: An Ancient Epic). When the event was first announced, the game list only had around 60 titles, but Microsoft has added 15 more to it.

You can fire up the playable demos from Xbox Dashboard. Some of the participating titles may not be there yet, but they will be within the next few days. All the demos will only be accessible until the 27th, though, and will be completely gone at the end of the week.