Xbox update brings noise suppression to Party Chat

It's arriving today in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring.


Chatting while gaming on your Xbox One Series X/S can be fun, but party chat members' poor quality mics that let in every barking dog and blaring TV? Not so much. Now, Microsoft is doing something about it by introducing noise suppression to party chat in the latest Xbox update.

"We’ve enabled a new feature which will process your microphone input through a noise suppression step to help produce cleaner audio in your Party Chat session," it wrote in the Xbox blog. " The setting is enabled by default but can be toggled from the dropdown options menu."

The feature appears to be taking a cue from Discord's Krisp audio filters, along with NVIDIA's underrated Broadcast tech. Krisp has been a mixed bag — while the AI filters out most noises (mechanical keyboards, chip crunching) except for voices, some users have complained about reduced audio quality.

The Xbox update also includes various fixes for audio, controllers, HDMI CEC, Guide and more. It's entering the alpha skip-ahead ring today, but should roll out more widely in the near future.