YouTube went down

After being unavailable for more than hour, YouTube is streaming videos once again.


In an event that’s becoming just a bit too frequent, YouTube is have some issues. While the website itself still works, it’s impossible for us to actually play a video, as it gets stuck in an infinite loading loop. The YouTube TV premium streaming service is also affected, and so is YouTube Music.

Google’s video service is usually rock solid, but this is the second time this year that I can think of it having a major issue. Until the G Suite outage in August, I hadn’t even noticed that YouTube doesn’t have a typical server status page to track issues.

Fortunately, the folks at YouTube are on the ball and have already tweeted saying “our team is aware of the issue and working on a fix.” Until then, maybe try...uh, is Vimeo still around?

Update (8:35 PM ET): There’s no official update yet, but it looks like videos on YouTube may be playing again, feel free to use our channel to confirm.

Update (9:13 PM ET): YouTube confirmed services have been restored worldwide. It did not provide a reason for the outage.