You can now share YouTube videos directly to Snapchat

You can even apply creative touches to shared clips.


You no longer have to copy-paste or otherwise contort yourself to share a YouTube clip through Snapchat. As of today, Android and iOS users can share YouTube videos directly through the Snapchat Camera, whether it's to Stories or individual Snaps. You can apply creative layers like text, and automated stickers will take Snapchat viewers directly to a video in either the YouTube app or a web browser.

You just need to tap "share" in the YouTube app and choose Snapchat when it's an option. This is the first time you can visually share YouTube links, Snap said.

This won't be as alluring as sharing vertical videos from common alternatives like TikTok and Instagram. It should save you some hassle if you find a must-see YouTube video, though, and it should be particularly helpful for sharing Shorts that are well-suited to Snapchat's app.

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