Zillow adds FaceTime SharePlay to browse homes with friends

See listings, photos and maps together.


Zillow has updated its iOS 15 iPhone and iPad apps with SharePlay support, letting you browse homes with other people on Facetime, the company announced. iOS users can start a group FaceTime call and then enable SharePlay to browse through Zillow's photo galleries so everyone on the call can see the property.

"Americans love to Zillow surf — most of them alongside someone else — and now they have a new way to do it," according to Zillow. "Using the Zillow app on an iPhone or iPad, home shoppers are now able to search and browse for-sale home and rental listings in a seamless, synchronous experience together with family, friends or a real estate agent."

Zillow said that 86 percent of users browse homes with a partner, spouse or housemate, so the new feature makes sense if you can't be together in person. It's also a "great new way for real estate agents to connect with customers," said Zillow CTO David Beitel.

To use the feature, each participant will need Zillow running on an iPhone or iPad with iOS/iPadOS 15.1 or later. Users can search for different locations on Zillow and browse through available listings with content synced up. A rival real estate app, Redfin, introduced a similar feature back in October.