Zoom suffered a major outage that may have cancelled your video meetings

Hopefully your coworkers sent email instead.

Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

If you couldn't join a must-attend Zoom meeting this morning, you weren't alone. Zoom is recovering from a major outage that prevented users from starting or joining meetings. The company didn't yet have an explanation for the problem, but said it had "identified" the cause and continue investigating the fault. It also vowed to monitor the situation.

The company first flagged the outage at 11:17AM Eastern, shortly after users began reporting that was unavailable. It pinpointed the issue at about 11:30AM and said it had fixed the problem several minutes later.

Zoom outages aren't unheard of. Notably, the service had a rough morning in August 2020 that left meetings unavailable for hours. This downtime has become rarer, though, and outages like these are all the more painful as a result. Look at it this way, though: this might be welcome if you're tired of lengthy video calls that could have been replaced with a simple email.