The hip-e: The technology industry finally pays attention to young people


They didn't find much success with the Netpliance, a failed Internet appliance that appeared and then disappeared in the late Nineties, but Digital Lifestyles Group are back, and this time they're going after teenagers, a group the tech industry has been cruelly ignoring all these years. The product? The hip-e, which is some sort of inexpensive all-in-one multimedia PC aimed at teens designed for music, movies, TV, instant messaging, and games—you know, all the regular stuff the young people dig these days (it may also have some sort of cellphone-type wireless component to it). They're planning the usual a viral marketing campaign and are looking for "Squad Leaders" for their street team. We recommend getting in on the ground floor with this one since they're 100% confident that the hip-e will be bigger than "Silly Putty®, the Slinky®, Gameboy, instant messaging, iPod or Escalade", but apparently not bigger than Jesus, at least not until next year. Let's just hope that hip-e isn't just hipe, er, hype.

[Thanks, Marc]