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Borg My Little Pony


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borg pony

I really wish this Borg Pony had reared its vein-spattered synthetic head during the early teen-angst years, maybe I wouldn't have traded the My Little Pony set to a neighbor for a 3rd-degree copy of Another Bad Creation (Coolin' At the Playground Ya Know, anybody?). Yeah, I got duped (both literally and figuratively), but if I had had a creative bone in my body maybe I would have transformed the ponies into edgy/creepy art pieces like this. The artist even sculpted a tiny working LED headpiece as a Borg laser device, though she really should have networked of slew of Borg ponies (am I taking this too far?). Well, 10-year-old-me probably wouldn't have had the heart to attach tubes to Petal Blossom's shank or shave off Apple Jack's tale, I just wish I hadn't given up the stable to the sounds of "Iesha".    

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