Sony's LocationFree TV doesn't work?

LocationFreeAccording to a review of Sony's LocationFree TV, the device "just doesn't work" when used in its intended fashion (that is, watching TV away from home).  Sounds like a problem.  In a big way.  While he says that it's great as an in-home wireless flat-panel TV, it fails miserably as an out-of-home TV downlink.  In his week-long real-world test, he was barely able to get video and audio streaming at the device's lowest setting, and that's while using a decent broadband connection from home to a high-speed coffee shop hotstop.  In addition, he uncovers some severe usability problems, like a 5 second delay for remote keypresses, no channel number entry buttons, and a 90-minute battery time that leaves one to watching only a couple reruns and commercials.  For $1500, this reviewer doesn't think it's ready for you.  In our opinion, if you're desperate for some wireless TV action, there may be a couple other options on the horizon like ME2TV and Sling worth looking into before you assume that Sony has the answer once again.