Day two of our giveaway! Win a free MP3 player or Audible audio book

Creative MuVo 128MB

Be on the lookout for another contest post to go up sometime later today (as in Tuesday) for your second chance to win an Creative MuVo 128MB MP3 player and/or an audio book courtesy of Audible.

Here's the deal:

They've offered us five of Creative's 128MB MuVo MP3 players and coupons for 10 Audible audio books to give away to our readers, so here's what we're going to do: At a random time every day this week (could be the early morning, could be late in the evening, could be whenever, but we will definitely be mixing it up) we'll put up a contest post with a special code-word in it. Be the first person to post up a comment with that specific code-word in it and you'll win one of the Creative MuVo MP3 players and a coupon for an Audible audio book. Be the second person and you'll score a nifty consolation prize of a coupon for a free Audible audio book.

P.S. - Remember that we do require email authentication for comments, so make sure you authenticate your comment if you want to win. Also, we'll be disqualifying anyone who uses scripts to automatically post comments to the site. Oh, the contest is restricted to residents of the United States. Sorry everywhere else!