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X2 - Ladies love pink laptops (with matching bags!)

Eric Lin

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x2 stylebook

Taking a page from the Nokia 7200 playbook, X2 has created a small, light laptop aimed at women that will come with a matching laptop case designed to look like a "sheik" (we think they mean "chic") handbag. The laptops feature a 12.1 inch widescreen LCD, 802.11 b/g, and full size keyboard but still weighs under 4 pounds. It looks similar to an iBook (why, we've never…), but in easter egg pastels. Each laptop comes with its own special bag that will match or color coordinate in materials like suede and fake croc skin. Neither the laptops nor the bags are all that bad, but we suspect most fashionistas would rather buy her bag from Kate Spade or whoever and then get her laptop painted to match. It's already a booming business in Japan, so maybe someone will open up a shop to do it stateside?

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