The SLVRcam V280 and the SLVRlite V270 come out

Motorola SLVRcam V280 and SLVRlite V270

Well, despite our hopes that the SLVRcam and SLVRlite would be variants of that cute little Motorola Borneo we saw earlier this week, they will indeed be variants of the much more stylish SLVR V8. The V280 (left) will have a 4x VGA camera with MPEG-4 H.263 capture capabilities, Bluetooth, MP3 ringtones, and SCREEN3; the V270 (right) will get going with Bluetooth, MP3 ringtones, and GPRS. Click on to get bigger shots of the two.

Motorola SLVRcam V280 & SLVRlite V270