They might not be on the high roller tip like Verizon and Sprint, but ALLTEL launched their own high-speed EV-DO wireless network. Only three cities to start—Tampa, Cleveland, and Akron—but they're charging only $69.99 a month for laptop data service, ten bucks less than what Verizon charges for their EV-DO BroadbandAccess service.

P.S. - They actually insist that everyone spell it "ALLTEL", rather than "Alltel" (which would seem less, um, angry): "When the word ALLTEL is used in text, it should appear in all capital letters. The name ALLTEL may appear in lower case only within the address of the company website:" They've also asked us not to say their name out loud, but we'll be damned if we honor that request.

[Via PhoneScoop]