Sony says it's open to creating a single DVD standard

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In a rare display of openness about storage standards, Sony expressed yesterday that it is now completely open to discussions on creating a single next-generation DVD standard instead of barreling right along into the impending major format war between Blu-ray (which Sony currently backs) and HD-DVD. Yukonori Kawauchi, general manager in charge of DVD formats at Sony's Video Group, said that "to provide the best service to the consumer one format is better than two," which makes us wonder why they don't put this guy in charge when making decisions on other Sony storage formats. Anywho, he goes on to note that there's really no progress made on actually having those discussions towards creating a single format, but that Sony is open to doing so. This marks a subtle positive shift from the situation last month, when they admitted to being not entirely against the idea — now they profess to embrace total openness. Though at this point it starts to look like total lip service all around, since after all that nothing is actually happening, but still — bravo on that openness, Sony, bravo.