Vote for Engadget's Iced-out Gadget Contest finalists!

TAG Heuer's Diamond FictionWe know you've been waiting all week for this, but instead of copping out on you and picking someone just like that to take home that PSP and 10GB lifetime account, we're gonna put it to the vote. We had so many good entries for the Iced-out Gadget Lifestyle Contest that we just couldn't choose-what could we say? It's obviously in your souls to rock that gold, so we're sending you off into the week a little something like this-also, be sure you've got flash turned on since one finalist submitted a short movie.

So the polls close midnight Friday, the 26th. And don't think we're not watching for cheaters-we only rock fake ice around here, not fake votes. Click on to see the contestents (in chronological order), and remember, while we only have one grand prize, everyone else featured here will get a year 1GB account!

Engadget Bling Contest - Kyle K
Kyle K

Engadget Bling Contest - John C
�Straight outta Newtown. Watch out we can get touchy.�
Guess John C�s from Newtown.

Engadget Bling Contest - Seth M
Seth M

Dino S
Dino S

Engadget Bling Contest - Michael W
Michael W

Engadget Bling Contest - Mamoru C
Mamoru C

Engadget Bling Contest - Retro

Engadget Bling Contest - Jerome D
Jerome D

Jacob E
[Requires Flash, but totally worth it!]

Engadget Bling Contest - Marty W
Marty W