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IBM unleashes Infoprint 4100, the 330 pages per minute laser printer


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IBM Infoprint 4100

You know, it's not terribly often we find ourselves with emergency book printing needs, but we imagine someone's gotta have 'em. IBM's Infoprint 4100 series of laser printers reportedly spits out the goods at an astonishing rate of 330 pages per minute, enough to net you a copy of War and Peace in less than 60 seconds. The catch is that it achieves this by outsourcing the pagination, so on top of the $500K you can expect to shell out for one of these bad boys you'll have to get another presumably expensive paginator or hire a team of machete-wielding office temps. You'll have to clear out some serious office real estate as well, for these things are about as long as an SUV and half as wide (any printer that commands its own parking space is one serious peripheral). The top of the line in the Infoprint 4100 series goes down for a cool mil, which we're sure is worth every penny when disaster strikes and you gotta get endangered folks some Tolstoy on the double.

[Via Slashdot]

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