Toshiba gigabeat X30

gigabeat x30

Hubba hubba, another new Toshiba gigabeat. The "gigabeat X30" is set to retail for around 37,000 yen (~$332), and features a buttery 240 x 320 screen and 30GB hard drive. Sure, that's the same screen resolution as the previous F series of gigabeats, but this one measures 2.4 inches instead of 2.2. Even so, the X30 manages to be 20% smaller. It's capable of playing MP3, WMA, and WAV files, and supports the USB Mass Storage class making file transfers completely painless. There aren't too many surprises with the photo functionality, such as the ability to read JPEG files with EXIF, slideshow support, automatic photo album creation, and so on. And no, this isn't the 60 hour fuel cell player they were talking about last week — this one has a 16 hour battery life from a boring old lithium-ion. It's set to be available in Piano Black, Pure White, and Crimson Red colors in Japan on the 22nd.