San Francisco WiFiHow does Google plan to wire San Francisco? And, more importantly, how does the company plan to make money while giving away access? PCWorld went through Google's proposal — one of 26 the city received in response to an RFP for citywide WiFi — and came away with a few answers. Location-specific advertising is one of the obvious ways Google would make money on the service. And while Google would provide 300kbps service for free, it would charge for higher-speed access, and would also sell capacity to other ISPs, who could resell high-speed access. Of course, this wouldn't be a Google product without at least some of the corpo-idealism for which the company is famous. In the vein of its "make money without doing evil" mantra, the company's proposal includes a statement that "we believe that ubiquitous, affordable Internet access is a crucial aspect of humanity's social and economic development, and that working to supply free Wi-Fi is a major step in that direction." As long as there's a way for Google to make some money in the process, that is.

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