Charlie's Angels

If memory serves us right, Twister kicked off the DVD revolution with some good times, so what special film will usher us into the Blu-ray era? What masterpiece of cinema will warm our hearts in all its HD glory? You sure guessed it, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle just received the full-on Blu-ray treatment from Sony, including "dynamic menus with full resolution graphics and animation," and of course, a 1920x1080 flick of that female crime fighting trio. We can't claim to have viewed said picture, but lets just say that even Blu-ray could not compel us to such an act. Sony says that "this achievement will help everyone understand that Blu-ray is real and poised to enter the marketplace," but we're guessing and hoping it will take more than this to win the format war.

[Via Zatznotfunny]

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