stashcardWe always thought the PC Card slot in most laptops was designed to hold, you know, PC Cards. But what do we know? Turns out that it's actually a drawer you can use to hide extra cash, spare memory cards or just about anything you can squeeze into the slot. At least that's the idea behind the StashCard, a $10 insert that turns any empty PC Card slot into a tiny storage space (the manufacturer recommends using it to stash things like jewelry and extra toilet paper). We'd still rather use the slot to add EV-DO, extra USB ports or memory card slots to our laptop, but if you've got more slots (and fewer pant pockets) than you need, you can give this a try. At worst, it'll keep the dust out of your slot. At best, it could save you from a messy situation in public toi … ah, nevermind.

[Thanks, Jason]

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