We don't quite buy Transcend Information's claim that the lyric display feature on the company's T.sonic 520 digital audio player will "bring out the pop star in everyone." We'd prefer to use the feature -- which makes use of the player's 2-line OLED display -- to check out the odd mondegreen (and they're all pretty odd or they wouldn't be mondegreens) as we listen to our tunes, rather than for mobile karaoke, as Transcend suggests. The other features available on the player are fairly standard, including MP3 and WMA support, line in, FM radio and capacities of 512MB and 1GB. Transcend claims 15 hours on a AAA. Oh, and if you are going to use this for karaoke on the go, we will not be held responsible for any personal injuries you may suffer at the hands of angered passerby.

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