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Pay By Touch aims to bring biometric payments to web

Marc Perton

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Pay By Touch -- the company behind the fingerprint scanners in supermarkets like Piggly Wiggly and Albertsons -- is planning to make biometric payments the norm on the web as well. The company's new service, Pay By Touch Online, aims to create a standard for biometric hardware and software (and bring the company a lot more customers for its backend processing services, as well). Pay By Touch says it expects to certify millions of scanners this year, and that its service "diminishes consumers' fears and increases customer satisfaction" by allowing customers to use a fingerprint instead of a credit card to pay for online purchases. As with other alternative payment systems that require additional hardware (you do have a smartcard reader for that chip in your Amex Blue card, right?), we don't exactly expect this to take the world by storm, though it could be useful for financial institutions -- and the ultra-paranoid.

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