Yamaha's YSP-800, YSP-1000 virtual 5.1 sound projectors

YSP-800Flat panel speakers to match flat panel HDTVs are all the rage these days. And why shouldn't they be? It's no fun to have a nice Panny plasma hanging on the wall with those big Fisher speakers ya got back in college. Yamaha came out with a single-speaker solution back in September that allowed flat panel owners to get quality surround sound from just one speaker and now it's time for a refresh on the line with the YSP-800 and YSP-1000.

This time around they come in a variety of color...er...shades of black. If the black one doesn't look good with your silver TV, just pick up the silver one. These units have built-in amps and you can plug your DVD player and HDTV receiver into them just like any other surround sound receiver. The YSP-800 is 32-inches wide and pushes 82 watts, while big brother YSP-1000 is 42-inches and has 120 watts of simulated surround sound.

Would you consider putting one of these speakers under your flat panel? We would.