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PlayStation 3 delay meme, part V: SCEJ and AFP

Ryan Block, @ryan

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It's kind of becoming this sick fascination, a gadgety train wreck, if you will, constantly wondering about the status of the PlayStation 3, and whether it'll launch in any reasonable time frame to compete with the Xbox 360 in ours, the US market. Well, according to a Sony Computer Entertainment Japan spokesman who spoke to Kyodo News, the PlayStation 3 could be delayed until fall due to a "failure to set the specifications of the Blue-ray [sp] DVD technology," by the end of 2005, as reported by the AFP. We're not sure whether this refers to the AACS delays we saw last week, but if so they've really got nothing to worry about since the AACS forum all but announced an interim plan so as not to delay anyone's launches. And if not, well, it's their format and their own damn fault -- either way, according to Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Enterbrain Inc. in Japan, had an interesting thing to say: "Sony has not begun taking orders early this month, that means that it would be difficult for the company to begin sales in May." Well, there you go, then.

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