We're quite thankful to Texas Instruments calculators for getting us through more than a few difficult tests (sometimes dishonestly, we must admit), so it's great to see that a whole community of developers has sprung up to provide kids today with even more anti-academic uses for their graphing calcs. Besides whiling away boring Calculus and Physics classes with grainy movies and painstakingly-detailed recreations of such classics as Wolfenstein, Tetris and Super Mario Brothers, disinterested students can now actually listen to music from their trusty TI's, thanks to James Montelongo's Real Sound 1.0. Montelongo rather unfortunately chose an almost-unlistenable Green Day song to demo his work in the linked video, put it definitely gives you a sense of the 32 kHz sound quality possible with the program. America thanks you, James, for making No Child Left Behind just that much harder to achieve.

[Via ticalc.org, thanks Exbzurg]

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