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Capcom uses dead for Resident Evil DS Italy release


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I'll be honest and say that I am an enormous fan of zombie movies and games. George Romero's films, excluding his latest, are some of my favorite movies to this day and the Resident Evil titles have always held a warm place in my heart. Ross Miller over at Joystiq posts about Capcom, in collaboration with Starcom, and their employment of undead appendages to advertise the release of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

This campaign, which uses zombie hands bearing the phrase "questa mano é un biglietto da visita. Il resto del corpo ti sta cercando." That translates into the English phrase, "This hand is a business card. The rest of the body is trying to find you." The grave plots boldly display a sign, which reads "gli zombie sono in citta!" This translates into "the zombies are in the city!"

[Via Joystiq]

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