Engadget Podcast 080 - 05.15.06

Podcast logoThe show's over and we've headed back to our respective homes across the globe, but before we fled LA, Ryan headed around the show floor to get final thoughts from members of the Joystiq crew, including former Editor-in-Chief, Ben Zackheim. Hear their thoughts on how the show went, whose booth was superior, why Sony kind of blew their chance, and even what the fairer sex thinks about this year's lack of booth babes. We'll be back with normal podcasts soon, but enjoy this final E3 edition, straight from the noisy floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, recorded in earshot of Sony and Nintendo.

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Ryan Block

Joystiq's Chris Grant, Ross Miller, Jennie Lees, and AOL Games' Ben Zackheim

Randall Bennett

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

1:02:43, 28.7 MB, MP3

00:00 - Ross Miller
23:40 - Ben Zackheim
45:14 - Jennie Lees
50:00 - Chris Grant


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