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Proton HDTVs get arty

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Certainly not the first time we've seen the street art / graffiti culture get all entwined with our little high tech bubble, but it sounds like HDTV maker Proton got tired of making your average run of the mill smallish 1080p sets and LED backlit HDTVs, and decided to call a little more attention to themselves by enlisting a slew of artists to pimping their pieces. The event is called Intermix -- in conjunction with Freshness -- and Proton be showing the results of what happens when you give a bunch of artists an LCD HDTV canvas late this month in the Eslite Bookstore gallery in Taipei; no word on whether you can buy any of these things, but we hope that if you can they'll at least give the proceeds to a good cause.

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