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Swedes hit hard by WiMAX waves


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In what can only be described as extreme paranoia or as an extreme health risk, a Swedish town had a bit of a health scare upon the activation of a WiMAX base-station a few weeks ago. According to Sweden's SVT, which reported on the incident, the local hospital emergency room was flooded with calls regarding various symptoms such as headaches, difficulty breathing, blurry vision and even two cases of heart arrhythmia. All of this was mere hours after the base station was activated, and the symptoms went away once the station was deactivated, or if the sufferer moved away from that radio tower of death. Apparently Sweden was the first country to recognise electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a valid medical condition, and there are already talks of getting the government to shut down the nation's WiMAX networks while the claims are investigated. The UN recognises EHS as a "real and sometimes disabling condition," and say that around 3% of the world's population is effected by high frequency magnetic radiation in such ways. We'll wait for a few more studies to come through and completely conflict with each other so we can go on with our happily ignorant mobile lifestyles.

[Via The Inquirer]

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