HDBeat Flickr pool updates

It's been a while since we have soon you the recent updates on our HDBeat Flickr pool. There has been some nice aditions too. If you have a nice setup, or even a ghetto one, join the pool and upload some pics.

Sheildss44: A recent photo that includes 2.39 anamorphic widescreen ratio, Klipsch center and R/L speakers, and TWO subwoofers.

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Sheildss44: Sony 51" HDTV. The reflective screen that is common on most Sonys has been removed for improved viewing.

In the cabinet:
  • HD Dual Tuner DVR connect with DVI output
  • Wifi router connected to speakers hidden behind the TV for wireless internet and iTunes control.
Don't worry: I have since hidden the ugly powerstrip.

mooneyass - no discription

mnjames - no discription

jchin - TV!

Thanks everyone.