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Pure Digital's new disposable digicams unlocked


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Thanks to an active hacker community and a fortuitously wide open FTP server, Pure Digital's "one time use" digital cameras aren't so "one time use" anymore. The FTP server contained an app designed to configure security keys, and after a bit of hacking around the team has the 40-bit key finder up and running for those wishing to unlock the pics and video on their new Pure Digital cams -- no soldering required. We have to hand it to Pure Digital, it took the hackers a bit longer than we expected to pull this off, but in the end we suppose it was inevitable that these disposables would eventually end up open to the whims of the consumer, however illegitimately. So if you're feeling a bit like sticking it to the man this fine Monday morning, head on over to you local CVS and get one of these new found multi-use cams on the cheap.

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