If the i880 wasn't really doing anything for you when it surfaced in the wild, perhaps this here i885 will. Motorola's upcoming halo iDEN devices will see service on both Nextel and Boost, sporting pleather and faux snakeskin exteriors -- pick your poison -- and a trick button-operated flip mechanism. (If they're going to get creative with case designs on us, we can only hope they deep-sixed the standard Nextel "beep beep" while they were letting those creative juices flow.) Besides minor cosmetic differences, the phones' guts are presumably identical; both should be rocking 2-megapixel shooters, music players, and dual color displays. We're getting mixed reports on whether these are CDMA hybrids, but even if they aren't, the pair gives Nextel much-needed love in a market segment they aren't typically accustomed to servicing.

[Via Mobile Magazine]