While it's the dead of summer here in the States, it's probably snowing somewhere, and Burton has teamed up with Motorola to drop the feature-packed Audex Helmet to keep your skull intact while carving that powder. At the 2006 Burton New Zealand Open Snowboarding Championships, this Bluetooth-enabled brain protector was unveiled to give riders the ability to manage a cellphone and audio player without the hassle of wires. While the helmet looks fairly standard, it rocks detachable stereo headphones -- optimized to handle the wind and noise -- that avid boarders will likely appreciate. Integrated Bluetooth, a 3.5mm line-in jack, Bluetooth audio controls, and a built-in microphone round out the technology crammed inside the Audex. Riders can pair up their cellphone for hands-free operation, and although Burton would need a mighty windscreen on the mic if anyone expects to hear you while busting a 720, at least you can brag with ease when back on the lift. Thanks to the line-in port, users without Bluetooth-enabled DAPs are still taken care of, though you won't be able to utilize the glove-friendly volume / track selectors that control functionality in Bluetooth equipped units. Available in a myriad of colors, the headgear will be shipping this month, so if you're not already rocking the Audex jacket, or just want a snazzy way to protect your neck (and cranium), you can pick this up for around $250.

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