Best @ CEDIA

The doors of CEDIA 2006 are closing and vendors are packing their bags. It was a good show and now that we have seen everything CEDIA has to offer, here is the Best at CEDIA.

Best Plasma
Best LCD
Best CRT
Best Sub-5K projector
Best Sub-10k projector
Best 10k+ Projector
Follow the link for the best CEDIA had to offer including best Blu-ray player and Biggest Disapointment, plus a whole lot more.
Best Blu-ray player
Best HD DVD player
Best must have HDTV accessory
Best remote
Best TV stand
Best display booth
  • Sony - room after room after room after room
  • Runner-up - Panasonic
Biggest surprise
Biggest disappointment
Most publicized
CEDIA '06 was a great show and we came to see the Sony Pearl but stayed for the Fujitsu plasmas.