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Sirius launches Internet Radio service

Darren Murph

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Not quite a month after we received word that Sirius was planning their its pimped-out internet radio option, the site has officially gone live and is now accepting subscriptions. While Sirius indeed offers free internet listening to its current subscribers (albeit at 32kbps), the company is hoping the "CD quality" stream offered in the pay version -- dubbed SIR -- will tempt users to write a slightly larger check each month for the enhanced online content. It promises "75 channels of 100% commercial free music and talk radio," but still doesn't include all the selections (namely sports-related) that you can fetch on your home / vehicle receiver. The cost? 'Tis a bit on the pricey side -- especially considering XM's 64kbps online alternative -- with monthly fees clocking in at $12.95 for new subscribers, $2.99 for current radio subscribers, or $6.99 for a separate account (for family members) above and beyond your regular subscription.

[Via Orbitcast]

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